Take Effect Review: Beautiful Passing


Canary Classics, 2022
Listen to Beautiful Passing

The Grammy Winning composer Steven Mackey brings us a portrait album, where 2 lengthy compositions are led by the conductor David Robertson and were recorded live.

The title track opens the listen with violin and orchestra making for a booming and dramatic lead off track, where Anthony Marwood’s precise violin complements the bare meets busy textures, and is never short on swirling harmonics, too.

The back half of the listen belongs to “Mnemosyne’s Pool”, where the 5 movements spread out across ebbs of sparse mystery and flowing, cinematic bouts of meticulous chamber exploration, as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s sublime interaction is nothing short of flawless.

Although his impetus into music began with the guitar as a youngster, these days Mackey is well versed in ensembles, orchestra, dance and opera, and this glowing body of work illuminates his colorful approach with daring, exciting and stirring musicianship.