Dec 22, 2011

54th Grammy awards

Lonely Motel: Music From Slide, my new disc with eighth blackbird, Rinde Eckert and yours truly on guitar was nominated for 4 Grammy awards: Best Contemporary Composition, Best Small Ensemble Performance, Best Engineering (Tom Lazarus and Jim Maylone) and Producer of the Year (David Frost).

The great thing about being nominated for a Grammy is that everyone knows about this award so people come out of the wood work, high school friends, tennis partners, you name it, write to congratulate me. Maybe its the fact that the nominations are announced on TV and covered in most entertainment pages. Obviously the pop music categories drive the high profile but it is nice that most of the time the Classical categories ride in to the story on the coat tails of celebrities. It is perhaps the only time in my life that my professional life will intersect with Bon Iver not to mention Lady Ga Ga. 

P.S. I won a Grammy for Best Small Ensemble Performance!